Digital Menus Direct

Buy your Digital Menu Boards Direct from the manufacturer as discounted prices. Our big discounts mean you save money on Digital Menu Board installation.
We can provide Window Digital Menu Boards too. These help you attract customers from outside your shop. Show pictures & video of your amazing food in full High Definition and see the new customers call in to taste it.
We even give you massive savings on fantastic eye-catching and engaging Menu Board Content Designs, these designs are made for you – NOT from a template.
If you need help installing your new Digital Menu Screens then let us help you. For a LOW price price we can give you a professional installation service at a time to suit you!

Digital Menu Boards allow you to display menu items with eye-catching graphics and video. The best way to ‘get eyes on your menu’ is to showcase your food with our Digital Menu Boards

Our Digital menu boards are convenient. Stop messing about with printed posters, putting them up & taking them down. It’s no fun! Save time & effort.

Automatically change your menu. Do you serve breakfast, lunch and dinner? Display only what is being served at that time of the day. Your screen menu will change at the right the time of day.

Improve the customer experience. Digital reduces perceived waiting times when you display good content. Satisfy your customers, potentially sell more. Make sure you use our content.

Save the planet and save money. Compared to posters, digital is greener and more cost-effective. See the savings you make when you cut printing, delivery, installation & disposal costs, out of the equation.

Quickly change information. Changes to food laws will mean that restaurants will have to show the calorie count for each food item on the menu. Digital menu boards allow you to easily display these, eliminating the cost to reprint all your menus & bringing you into compliance with the law.

All our menu board screens are available in many sizes from small to medium to large. Don’t pay the middle man. Use Digital Menus for a speedy & professional service.